How Brightonians Are Maintaining Creativity (and Sanity) While Working From Home

Staying home day after day can quickly turn monotonous, and that’s not good for creative brains! So, we asked our resident creative experts to share how they stay sharp, sane and creative in today’s virtual workplace.

"I use my old commute time to walk the dog in the mornings. I get fresh air and a burst of exercise to start the day. Also, I like to change my scenery. If it’s nice outside, I work from my back deck."

Alicia “Kip” Kueper, Associate Creative Director

"Keeping your hands busy is a great way to burn anxious energy and use both sides of your brain, so I've been teaching myself to knit. I just knitted myself a new super-soft infinity scarf for winter."

Rebecca Largent, Senior Account Manager

"I eat more fresh fruits and vegetables than I did before because I have more time for food preparation and I'm not limited to a microwave. I sleep better and more. I meditate. I also try to limit media consumption and take social media fasts. Every day I go on a walk or run in the park and talk to a friend or my mom on the phone."

Anna Cherry, Copywriter

"We live in a townhome next to one of my closest friends and her son. We share a backyard, and our decks are roughly three feet apart. So, we have dinner on the deck with them most nights — they stay on their deck and we stay on ours. Sharing meals gives us a strong sense of community and connection."

Stephanie Lynch, Director of Strategy & Engagement

"I've started sketching more and taking lunch breaks outside. Noticing the small things again inspired me to break out pencil and paper. It forces me to slow down, breathe and be in the moment, more than I have in the past since it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day chore list."

Emily Congdon, Senior Art Director

"In addition to my morning writing, I’ve started building out a wall of children’s book concepts. (they’re basically sketches of covers with titles). Eventually I’ll pick one and run with it, but I’m kind of curious to see if I can fill the wall first!"

Ian Sullivan, Associate Creative Director

"I have been far more active at lunch. The puppy gets a walk every day. He knows when I put on shoes that he is going outside. Also, I’ve been using the evening commute to work with new dinner recipes."

Danielle Westfall, Billing Specialist

"Three words: virtual happy hour. I find I've ‘gone out’ more while stuck in my home than I typically do. It’s truly therapeutic to laugh with friends each night. I’m also checking on my mom every day and reaching out to friends I don’t often get to see when busy schedules get in the way. Best of all, I have yet to take a meeting without a dog sleeping in my lap."

Nancy Hallahan, Senior Manager, Strategic Communications & PR