The Big Picture

Brighton is an integrated marketing and communications agency because we firmly believe that effective marketing is multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary. Today’s marketing landscape is complicated and consumers are sophisticated. From moms who think like CEOs to businesses with emotional intelligence, there is no one-size- fits-all approach. Building a successful brand means building a long-term relationship with your customers. And it simply can’t be done with a single channel or an uncoordinated barrage of disconnected tactics. It requires targeted insights shaping continuous content, delivered across multiple contexts ,with constant refinement. It’s not just a conversation, it’s a relationship. A relationship that requires planning and the seamless integration of many disciplines.

For more than 25 years, Brighton has followed a simple process. Think. Create. Engage. More than a slogan or a formula, it’s the way we approach solving problems by employing our diverse set of skills and leveraging our deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses.

We begin by understanding our client’s challenges, clearly defining the opportunities and applying the multiple perspectives and THINKING of a diverse team of Brightonians to craft a smart strategy. With a focused plan as our north star, we unleash the CREATIVITY and imagination of our team to tell your story in ways that break through and inspire. Finally, we motivate action by ENGAGING customers at the right place and right time while optimizing our approach through measurement and analysis.

Think + Create + Engage. It’s more than a process, it’s how we intersect business and creativity.


We firmly believe that driving change requires a multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach. And we have the skillsets and experience to plan and deliver across the entire spectrum of communications.

Brand Dimension™

Brand Dimension™ is a proven process to uncover key insights that shape the strategic direction of a brand. Brand Dimension connects the desire of consumers to the promise of the brand, so they make your brand an integral part of their lives.

Content Studio™

Content Studio™ is a comprehensive planning, development and management framework that connects people to your brand with relevant content at a relevant time. Content Studio creates a meaningful and ongoing engagement with consumers through valuable and useful content.

Engagement IQ™

Engagement IQ™ is a media and measurement practice that combines strategic thinking with the best data and technology to create an optimal mix of online and offline media to engage your audience and meet your business objectives.

Brighton Studio

Brighton Studio is a complete in-house digital and multimedia studio with capabilities ranging from video and broadcast production to the latest in virtual reality and mobile app design.


Story+ is a mobile app and cloud solution that provides a simple workflow for capturing video and model releases, transmitting them to a central repository, and organizing and accessing the files. Testimonials Simplified™.


In today’s world of connected media and connected consumers, brands need connected thinking. And when your marketplace has no borders, you need an agency that operates globally. For some brands that means working with a large public network with agencies around the world — agencies whose first priority are their shareholders.

But there is another way. Independent agencies, like Brighton, focus on a "Results Before Profit" approach. We report to you, not Wall Street. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice global reach or specialized resources. As a member of ICOM Network, Brighton collaborates with world-class agencies around the world — when and where you need them. This independent agency model is more responsive to your changing and varied needs and more in-tune with what resonates in your brand’s local markets. It’s collaborative, fast and cost-effective approach to global reach with local impact.

ICOM is a global network of more than 80 independent marketing communications agencies in over 60 countries, ready to help your business tell your story in the most effective way possible. Wherever. Whenever. However.

ICOM network member